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The Dao: A Sigma Chronicles Book by J. W. Bell

An absorbing, character-driven thriller that will keep readers’ attention through many twists and turns…

An intelligence officer in the US Army is caught up in an international conspiracy in Bell’s latest thriller. Kim Jong-un is determined to fire his secret missile, but there’s a problem: the scientist responsible for altering the program is dead, and no one but his missing son is privy to the know-hows of the missile’s set-up. Stan, an intelligence officer in the US Army, and Doc, his psychiatrist wife, are assigned to find the son. But Stan has a monumental problem: multiple personalities from his past life live inside his head. Bell writes with a sure hand, creating electrifying action scenes while also excelling at the tender, agony-filled individual moments. The plot is intricate without being long-winded, and the characters are layered and memorable. Stan proves to be an appealing protagonist with depth and determination, and his bond with Doc comes off as real and organic. Readers will like to root for him. A solid read that’s sure to please political and military thriller fans.

The Dao: A Sigma Chronicles Book

J. W. Bell

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Indies United Publishing House LLC.

Pub date December 13, 2023

ISBN 978-1644566411

Price $17.97 (USD) Paperback, $3.99 Kindle edition

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