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Just Imagine a More Beautiful World by Christine McDonald

Charming and irresistible… A keeper.

McDonald turns the first day of school into a fun-filled event for Mrs. Burns’ new students in her delightful picture book. Mrs. Burns begins the first day of school by giving her young students a thought-provoking assignment: she asks them to crawl under their desks and pretend they are in a cave. The children are then provided cardboard and crayons and asked to construct a world of their own. A frenzy of activity takes over the classroom, with everyone racing to finish their project. Julene Ewert’s vibrant illustrations against solid backgrounds and endearing animal characters meld with soothing narrative to create an uplifting mood. McDonald’s clever layouts beautifully portray the central message of belonging and making the world a better place while exploring the challenges and surprises youngsters might experience on the first day of school, as the story moves forward. The comforting rhythm of the story paired with personality-filled, brightly colored illustrations and heartwarming ending make for a calming and satisfying read. Told with delicacy and wisdom, this is a fun introduction to an anxiety-filled event.

Just Imagine a More Beautiful World
Christine McDonald (Author), Julene Ewert (Illustrator)
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