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The Axe by Linda Griffin

Suspenseful and character-rich… A page-turner.

A young couple’s life is forever altered when they’re attacked on a weekend trip in Griffin’s fast-paced thriller. Eric Leidheldt and Desiree Chauveau are deeply in love and excited to spend a weekend at Eric’s uncle’s cabin. But their plan goes haywire after Eric confronts two strangers at the cabin who attack Desi viciously, leaving Eric tied up and unconscious. The following day, Desi is arrested for the murder of two men. She confesses, but is she really guilty? The suspense here is relentless; Griffin does a great job of embedding surprising revelations into the fast-paced narrative, keeping readers thoroughly invested. Desi holds her own as a character; her ongoing turmoil is completely believable, rendering her understandably human. Eric’s struggle to do the right thing by Desi makes him an endearing protagonist. The twist toward the end is both real and surprising and the ending heartfelt. The novel isn’t “just another thriller” but a deep exploration of violence, trauma, PTSD, and trust. A winner.

The Axe
Linda Griffin

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The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Pub date September 27, 2023
Price $1.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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