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The Bravest Soldiers (The Immense Sky Saga) by Elaine Schroller

A compelling story told with insight and understanding…

Set against the backdrop of growing global disquiet and the war raging in Europe, Schroller’s second installment in The Immense Sky Saga unfurls her heroines’ stories in a languid and captivating style as the men they love enlist to fly and fight. September 1939. Sophie Parker has done her fair share of nursing wounded soldiers in France during the Great War. But is she ready to do the same for her boys when the time comes? With the war looming at their doorstep in France, Marianne Ryan’s parents thought it best to send her to Sydney in Australia. But what happens when Marianne realizes that the new love she found in another country could easily break her heart? In chapters alternating between a third person omniscient narration and epistolary format, Schroller portrays Sophie and Marianne’s sensible focus on making their own contribution to the war: acutely aware of the challenges women faced at home as men fought at the front, Schroller deftly builds a portrait of two proud women who, instead of wallowing in self-pity, commit their lives to showing the world that women who wait at home can be as courageous as the men they love. Wonderfully awash in the early twentieth century atmosphere, this hard-to-put-down historical tale is a must-read.

The Bravest SoldiersA WWII Historical Novel of Romance, Love, and Longing
(The Immense Sky Saga)
Elaine Schroller

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Pub date September 3, 2023
Price $5.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review of The Bravest Soldiers! I’m so pleased you enjoyed Sophie’s and Marianne’s stories of love and longing.

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