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Enter the Journey: A Mystical Guide for Rebirth and Renewal by Rosanna Ienco

A unique and intimate approach that will speak to a vast readership.

Ienco draws on her personal and professional experience as a spiritual guide and healer with over three decades experience in shamanic arts, spirituality, psychism, and mysticism, taking readers on her journey to self-transcendence. Written in first-person narrative voice that alternates with guided meditations and exercises, the book is divided into four parts: introspection, integration, interweaving, and imagination, with each part designed to assist the reader on their journey to rebirth and renewal. Throughout the narrative, the author accompanies her spirit guides to travel through physical and spiritual worlds, demonstrating how the journey of healing is never easy, but if you’re willing to move through it with acceptance and grace, you can become unstuck and see a new path opening. Explaining that each cave and vortex generously offers inspiration and wisdom that one can carry forward on their journey to transformation, Ienco hopes accompanying her through powerful portals will help the reader find both personal empowerment and liberation. Intimate and insightful: An intricately rendered shamanic guide.

Enter the Journey
A Mystical Guide for Rebirth and Renewal
Rosanna Ienco

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Pub date September 1, 2023
ISBN 978-1803410982
Price $19.95 (USD) Paperback, $8.49 Kindle edition

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