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The Case of the Missing Cheese: a Grove Street Mystery by Lisa C. Mitchell

Intelligent, intricately crafted, and ultimately moving; non-stop fun.

Mitchell marks her foray in children’s fiction with this thrilling mystery. Best friends and classmates, and the members of the Grove Street Detective Agency, Skyler, Izzy, and Juan, are eager to solve all the clues and win the thrilling detective game, The Mystery Mayhem. But another mystery falls their way when Cheese, Izzy’s pet hamster, goes missing. Skyler is smart, determined, and sensitive, all of which makes her a compelling protagonist. Izzy and Juan make good partners for Skyler. The exciting plot ably unravels the true meaning of community and secrets against the backdrop of the dual tensions of looking into Cheese’s disappearance and the competition to win the Mystery Mayhem game. Throughout, Mitchell’s expert writing gives readers a window into family, friendship, kindness, acceptance, and diversity. The concept of bilingualism is infused cleverly, and the ending comes together well. Mitchell is a writer to watch.

The Case of the Missing Cheese: a Grove Street Mystery
Lisa C. Mitchell
SparkBright Kids
Pub date September 2023
ISBN 979898737023
Price $11.99 (USD)
Ages 7-12

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