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The Adventures of Grandmasaurus by Caroline Fernandez (Author), Shannon O’Toole (Illustrator)

A dinosaur book with loads of charm and fun…

A school field trip turns awry again for Mooney and her brother in Fernandez’s latest picture book. With grandma accompanying them on their field trip to the grocery store, the siblings are naturally anxious. And their anxiety is justified: Dust soon initiates grandma’s magical sneezes, leaving the siblings to think about a way to stop the latter from making a mess. The simple and bouncy prose pace the story appropriately, and each new reveal (that follows grandma’s sneezes) initiates squeals of laughter. The text also contains the name of the dinosaur, proper pronunciation along with fun facts about the creature in question (e.g., Deinocheirus looks like a combination of duck, ostrich, and camel, has no teeth but still is an omnivore). While there’s information about basic food groups, dinosaurs take the center stage. Shannon O’Toole’s delightful artwork portrays the magnificent creatures in a nonthreatening way. The book scores points with an eclectic mix of dinosaurs, including the familiar favorites, such as Parasaurolophus and Supersaurus, and some fairly obscure ones: Deinocheirus, while relaying messages about healthy eating. Prehistoric fun for the whole family.

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus 

Caroline Fernandez (Author), Shannon O’Toole (Illustrator)

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Common Deer Press

Pub date April 15, 2023

ISBN 978-1988761695

Price $16.95 (USD) Hardcover, $12.95 Paperback

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