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The Space Between Dark and Light by Jan Krause Greene

A thoroughly addictive, intriguing SF story with a supernatural twist…

Set in multiple timelines, including distant future, Greene’s latest novel with its elements of sci-fi and human drama, highlights survival and human resilience. When Joe Geist, accompanied by his brother Jared Geist, sets out on a camping trip, he has no idea about the future. Jared vanishes without a trace, and no one believes Joe’s story about witnessing an otherworldly phenomenon right before Jared’s disappearance except for Anne Miller, a quick-witted freelance reporter. Meanwhile, one hundred years after Jared disappears, civil society has almost collapsed in the wake of environmental devastation. Seven-year-old George is the only one to escape after a group of marauders invade his home. George’s search for his missing sister takes him on an impossible journey. Greene skillfully captures George’s muddled emotional state—a blend of confusion, guilt, fear, and frustration at his inability to do anything about the fateful day. She deftly weaves Joe’s struggle to come to terms with the new circumstances of his life after Jared goes missing. Readers will be on the edge while they wait for George and Jared’s stories to unravel. The mystery of Jared’s disappearance and his connection to the future are satisfyingly resolved. Throughout, Greene sustains an otherworldly sense of time and place, and brings to life the devastating futuristic era. Despite the immense darkness at the heart of the story, the narrative is suffused with heartwarming warmth of cozy bonds of community, friendship, and family. An original, exhilarating, one-of-kind story which keeps the pages turning. 

The Space Between Dark and Light 

Jan Krause Greene

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Jaxon Meadows Publishing

Pub date February 13, 2023

ISBN  979-8215158272

Price $18.61 (USD) Paperback, $4.99 Kindle edition

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