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Deadly Setup by Lynn Slaughter

Complex, layered, and addictive… A page-turner.

Slaughter’s latest is an intricate and absorbing YA mystery marked by endless twists and shocking surprises. Seventeen-year-old Sam, the daughter of a New England heiress, carries a good head on her shoulders and has tried hard to take care of her mother, a dreamy, impulsive romance author, after her father’s untimely death. But when her mother announces her engagement to Adam Holloway, a man with a suspicious past, Sam knows she must dissuade her mother from getting married. But all hell breaks loose when Adam is found murdered and the police zero in on Sam as the main suspect. Along with weaving in relentless twists and turns, Slaughter embellishes her tale with teenage romance and family drama. Sam is realistically sketched; vulnerable and at times uncertain but relentless in her search for answers about the killings of Holloway. The gripping story is deepened and complicated by explorations of Sam’s inner turmoil and troubled relationship with her mother. Noah is an absolute darling. The secondary cast is authentic and their interpersonal dynamic is rooted in reality. In addition to the fast-paced, well-crafted main plot, subthemes, such as the exploration of love, passion, the importance of friendship and familial ties, adolescent angst, coming out and LGBTQ issues are woven nicely into the narrative, adding complexity, emotional vulnerability, and relevance to the story. The twisty, heartbreaking finale is both shocking and satisfying. With its breakneck pacing, fully fleshed-out authentic characters, and layered mystery elements, the novel makes for a winner. Entertaining, devour-in-one-sitting kind of mystery.

Deadly Setup 

Lynn Slaughter

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Fire & Ice Young Adult Books

Pub date July 5, 2022

ISBN 979-8886530087

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.99 Kindle

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