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Nuggets: A Tale of the Cariboo Gold Rush by Susan K Kehoe

Addictive, exciting, thoroughly engaging… A page-turner.

Kehoe takes readers on an exhilarating ride through the 1860s BC gold rush in her exciting latest novel. Victoria, British Columbia. Seventeen-year-old Robb McDonald works at the Hudson’s Bay post at a clerical position along with his father and brothers. He is in love with Emma Freeland, the privileged daughter of a wealthy man. When Emma becomes engaged to a high-ranking officer, Robb knows he must find a way to become a land owner in order to get Emma’s father’s approval. He leaves his family and home to join a group of American miners heading north along the Fraser River, hoping to strike it rich in the BC gold rush. As the group begin their journey, they face unfathomable dangers in the form of both animals and humans. Will Robb succeed in his mission? Kehoe’s absorbing and exhilarating tale is a page-turner, following Robb’s coming of age journey as he transforms from a dreamy, naive 17-year-old to a sensible young man who knows what really matters when it comes to love and life. The pacing is steady right from the beginning, building and exploding into action as Robb and the group begin their journey along the Fraser River halfway through. Then it’s high on adrenaline, with the group facing hunger, wild animals, the violence of desperate men who will kill to get gold, and a hopeless lawless situation. The story is wonderfully told, and readers will be simultaneously on the edges of their seats as the narrative slowly draws closer to Robb’s home arrival. Other sub-plots, such as Robb’s gradual realization that his love for Emma was nothing but infatuation and his wholehearted acceptance of Ann despite her tragic circumstances, add additional complexity and humanity to the main storyline. Kehoe’s meticulous research combined with authentic worldbuilding and intriguing storyline brings the era to life. Real historical people and actual events add to the authenticity. Kehoe’s prose is expert, plotting tight, and she skillfully layers rich details, such as how the conflict between the Natives and the White men played out and how both sides have to be careful of the insidious threat lurking in the shadows. At its core, the book delves into the power of determination, hard work, perseverance, love, kinship, and family ties. Rich in content and emotion, this is a first-rate, compelling read. Lovers of well-crafted, entertaining historical fiction won’t want to miss this one.


A Tale of the Cariboo Gold Rush 

Susan K Kehoe


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Pub date August 2, 2019

ISBN 978-1525549373

Price $26.99 (USD) Hardcover, $24.49 Paperback, $3.99 Kindle

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