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Grandma Goody by Randy Cornell

An engrossing superhero adventure with deep moral convictions…

A super-powered grandma goes on a quest to eradicate violence and crime in Cornell’s fun debut. An enigmatic old woman with superpowers has taken upon herself to eliminate both crime and criminals, putting herself at odds with the Dallas and Fort Worth Police Departments. The stakes rise when Mr. Myers, a powerful leader of Vision quest, the world’s most valuable technology company, decides he must study her. With a task force of two police departments already on her trail, Grandma Goody must tread carefully. Cornell’s storytelling is absorbing, the characters convincing, and the fast-paced narrative keeps readers thoroughly engaged. Bloodshed and carnage abound, and Cornell’s excellent blend of brutal action and fun dialogue keep the readers turning pages nonstop. Drawing inspiration from superhero fiction, Cornell delves into LGBTQ issues, diversity, justice, violence, family, friendship while highlighting the innate power of determination and resilience. An absorbing tale seasoned with mild SF elements and just a little investigative detail.

Grandma Goody

Randy Cornell

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