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Is There Evidence for God?: An Economist Searches for Answers by Robert Genetski Ph.D.

A well-researched, often convincing work that deftly balances biblical theology and scientific reason…

As a teacher, columnist, author of 5 books on classical economic principles, and one of the nation’s leading economists, Genetski approaches the questions of God’s existence with well-researched, reasoned ideas that seek meaningful conversations in his latest book. Born into a Catholic family, Genetski has always believed in God. But with his superficial knowledge about the subject, he knew he had to look deep into the questions about God and religion. He intended to do it, but it was one of those things that stayed on the back burner. The idea of this book was born after his mother who was close to ninety and was regularly attending Sunday Mass up to that time, admitted that “she didn’t think God was real or that there was anything after death.” She begins to struggle with her faith after “a friend told her God was merely a crutch, invented for weak-minded people to help them deal with life.” Realizing he couldn’t be of much help, Genetski decided to look into God’s existence himself. Rather than taking up space with unnecessary speculation, Genetski begins his first part of the book with the eternal God question—To Believe or Not Believe? Why seek to find God? What are the potential benefits in finding him? What are the implications if the investigation finds that atheists are right about God’s non-existence?; the second part delves into the existence of a world beyond our physical world and life after death; the third part examines various religions of the world to determine if they provide any evidence for and about God; the fourth part deals with evidence for God in modern times; and the final part consists of reflections on how the evidence changed the author’s life. The chapters are short, making it easier for the reader to pause and reflect on the findings. The book’s accessibility is strengthened by meticulously detailed, solid research that covers everything from atheism, life after life, miracles to Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age religions to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the available evidence that proves Jesus as God. In his searching investigation, Genetski concludes that God indeed exists, declaring that his journey to find God has brought him a wonderful sense of God’s peace and joy. The book is smoothly paced, and the author reveals his own, sometimes-frustrating experiences with a light touch. Written in an accessible style that includes many references from other works and personal experience, the work is ideal for book clubs and group discussion. A winner.

Is There Evidence for God?

An Economist Searches for Answers 

Robert Genetski Ph.D.

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Pub date March 9, 2023

ISBN 978-0998222721

Price $29.99 (USD) Hardcover, $17.99 Paperback

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