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GUT PUNCH by M.J Chijere

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Original, one of a kind…
Set in Dambilo in a fictitious era, Gut Punch explores the widespread political corruption mounting under the thumb of Mphongo, son of the ruling President and second-in-command of the government. A top-ranking government official’s assassination is followed by more murders as the ruthless Mphongo and his goons revel in the intoxicating power of influence and money. But there is one man who is willing to stand against Mphongo: Seketela Zidana. Chijere uses courtroom drama as the backdrop and makes corruption come to life vividly. Although there are many questions unanswered by the end, a ray of hope prevails. The story is told in a matter-of-fact third-person narrative and is full of black magic and dangerous creatures. Complex and creative, the novel examines the adversities and sufferings of people in a country ravaged by political upheaval and corruption.


by M.J Chijere

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PUB DATE July 19, 2019

ISBN 9781076996268

PRICE $13.88

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