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HOW THE WORLD BEGAN: A Parable of 1812 by Don Gutteridge

Sweeping, intoxicating… A one hell of a ride.

Set in 1812, Gutteridge’s compelling latest tells one family’s journey of hardships and survival. The senior McRorie, who has fought in the last battles of the Revolutionary War, comes to the Province trying to escape his demons, fall in love, marries Florent ineaMothe, and starts a family But his carefully constructed life turns upside down after every able-bodied man or boy is asked to report immediately to Fort Malden or Fort George to join the militia. Gutteridge’s strong characters are the standouts here, with their resilience in the face of ceaseless hardships. The novel is slender, but the author is never at a loss for words even when exploring the mind of his characters, particularly Trill who cannot speak. The family’s journey speaks to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of utmost difficulties. At the same time, Gutteridge is not afraid to tackle the weighty issues of violence, bloodshed, and cruelty of war that mark the turbulent period in Canada’s history. This is a tough one to forget.


A Parable of 1812

Don Gutteridge

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