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To See God (A Forgiveness and Faith Novel Book 3) by Bruce Berger

An elegant, provocative, and reflective tale about family and faith…

Rich in profound insights and emotional resonance, Berger’s final installment in the Forgiveness and Faith trilogy follows Theodora and Nicky, as they struggle with issues of faith and intricacies of family life respectively. Nicky Covo is happy with his life in Manhattan and his relationship with Helen Blanco. Max shares a house with his sister Kyla and his 7-year-old nephew, Jackie. The family’s peace shatters after Jackie’s long-absent father files a case to get Jackie’s custody. Meanwhile, Theodora, Nicky’s sister who is now a devout Greek Orthodox nun, plans to travel to the United States after she receives a strange message about her grand-nephew Jackie. The chapters alternate between Theodora’s growing disquiet amid her struggles with theoretical issues of belief, mystery, and prayer and Covo family’s trials and tribulations as young Jackie loses faith in his mother and uncle and begins to show signs of acute anxiety. Jackie’s father trying to get his custody adds to the family’s troubles further. Berger is a sure writer completely in control of his material. He ties these and other plot strands together with surprising twists and turns. Writing with tenderness about his characters’ dealings with pain, he delves into the issue of mental illness, trauma, and grief. Theodora’s conversations with Fevronia about her connection with the Divine are bracingly reflective and metaphysical. On the surface, this is a somber tale that explores spirituality and questions of faith. But deep down, the story is entertaining, sharply observant, and deeply moving. This thought-provoking work will speak to readers.

To See God

Bruce Berger

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Black Rose Writing

Pub date March 16, 2023

ISBN 978-1-68513-157-9

Price $22.95 (USD) Paperback, $6.99 Kindle

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