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Revolution (The Crown and Blade Book 1) by Sam Pigg

A fast-paced and pulse-pounding high fantasy…

An unlikely group of allies join hands to bring down an evil king in Pigg’s exhilarating series starter in The Crown and Blade series. Prince Eerion Talvios of the Kingdom of Nalg has always lived a spoiled, privileged life. When his mother disappears without a trace, he realizes his father, King Nyflon Talvios, is behind it. With his entire worldview shattered, he reluctantly joins hands with a group of strangers who wouldn’t mind him seeing dead. The expert portrayal of the protagonists’ drive and determination adds an affecting authenticity to the epic fantasy setting. Pigg’s characters are complex and multilayered: Prince Eerion, who faces utmost hurdles to right the wrongs and bring down his father, the King; Lienzye, the righteous, fierce warrior, whose unwavering faith in the Book of Light, keeps her grounded; the ambitious Kyundo, who doesn’t mind taking innocent lives if it means he could rise through the ranks and eventually get close enough to kill Nyflon; the resilient and resourceful Shaleenia, who hates the rulers of Nalg with a vengeance, they all are crafted with precision. There’s plenty of bloodshed, grit, and magic, and Pigg makes a commendable effort to portray his protagonists’ troubled backstories along with their complex relationship. Though the dialogue gives off contemporary vibes at times, Pigg’s storytelling is thoroughly engrossing. The worldbuilding is intricate, setting the stage for Eerion and his group’s gradual growth into a force to be reckoned with. Throughout the high action, magic infused narrative, Pigg delivers insightful critiques of right versus wrong, faith, belief, sin, and redemption. Readers will be wowed and eager for more.

Revolution (The Crown and Blade Book 1)

Sam Pigg (Author), Anthony Moravian (Illustrator), Salima Alikhan (Editor)

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Pub date January 24, 2023


Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle, $0.00 Kindle Unlimited

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