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The Girl Before You by Nicola Rayner

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Uninspiring and dragging…

George Bell’s reputation as a womanizer never failed to cause stirs, and despite her unease, Alice went ahead and married him. But after a strange encounter with one of George’s ex-girlfriends, a girl who supposedly drowned, Alice starts to get suspicious about George’s hand in the girl’s disappearance. As she digs deeper into the girl’s past, shocking secrets come to surface that threaten to destroy everything she holds dear. The story is told from multi-person perspective and oscillates continuously between the past and the present. The narrative is tedious at the best, as Rayner fails to build up any suspense in the narrative. The characters come out flat, and it’s hard for the reader to care about any character including the murder victim Ruth. Overall, there is hardly enough incentive for the reader to finish reading the book. Disappointing!


The Girl Before You

by Nicola Rayner


Pub Date 22 Aug 2019

ISBN 9780008332730

PRICE £7.99 (GBP)

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