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Cobra Pose (Yoga Mat Mysteries #2) by Susan Rogers (Author), John Roosen (Author)

An intricate, beautifully written page-turner with some shocking twists.

The author pair, Susan Rogers and John Roosen, return with this brisk second installment in their Yoga Mat Mysteries series that features vivid storytelling, authentic characters, and contemporary political intrigue. Elaina Williams is at her wit’s end: her father Edward Williams has disappeared after leaving her an out-of-character voicemail. She immediately asks for Ric Peters’ help who has just returned from a disastrous trip abroad. As they begin to look into Edward’s disappearance, they find themselves entangled into a sinister hacking conspiracy of grave consequences. The pair must do everything in their power if they want to locate the culprits before time runs out for Elaina’s father. The authors set a measured pace, gradually introducing the new cast as the story smoothly transitions between characters and places. As in the previous installment, Elaina is a determined and capable protagonist. Supporting players also shine, particularly Max. The gripping, well-written narrative drops in a handful of surprises, like unexpected deaths, culminating in a finale both satisfying and realistic. There are hints of action in the tale, but the focus remains on the espionage side, such as Ric and Max on the trail of the hackers as the latter try to peek through backdoors. For all the authors’ ingenuity however, the real pleasure here involves not the plotting or characterization but the atmospheric setting: they portray Australia’s golden coastline with so much charm and intrigue that readers will have to put it on their bucket lists. Intrigue, murder, and vengeance make for a darkly enjoyable read.

Cobra Pose: Yoga Mat Mysteries (Mystery, suspense, romance and adventure)

Susan Rogers (Author), John Roosen (Author)

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Pub date January 30, 2023


Price $6.99 Kindle

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