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I Am, Therefore I Think: Musings about the Universe by J.W. Bell

An insightful collection of life philosophy and musings that beautifully provides food for thought about personal growth…

Bell explores personal metaphysical theories and concepts, introducing a unique vision of life and the systems of being involved in it in his intriguing debut book. Over the course of the book, he covers numerous heady concepts, such as how imagination is critical to the process of creativity, the significance of existing in harmony with everything rather than trying to restructure the entire Universe, the concept of active and passive tension, falling in love with life and feeling a sense of kinship with it among others. Bell’s prose is economical, and the short chapters add to the accessibility. Not everything that Bell states will make sense though (not that he intended it to do so), but the book remains true to his individual philosophy—that you must come to terms with who you are, you must know yourself: how you function, what makes you do what you do in order to discover astonishing inner depths to yourself. The tone is upbeat and the concepts Bell studies are fascinating. The book helps open up new ways of looking at one’s world as well as reality, making it easier to create a new consciousness that is needed to transform one into the person one should be. Original, unique: transforming.

I Am, Therefore I Think

Musings about the Universe

J.W. Bell

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