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Squeeze Plays by Jeffrey Marshall

Intricate, detailed, and full of satisfying mayhem… A thoroughly intriguing yarn.

Though the stress of maneuvering a high-profile banking structure that is split across New York and London, at times gets too much, Corbin van Sloot, is content with his role as the CEO of Whitehall Bank. But despite being happily married, Corbin likes to take his chance when it comes to infidelity. With the Whitehall Bank the only lender, Winston Crumm is struggling to keep his media company, Star Enterprises, afloat. When Russian financier Maxim Ripovsky offers Crumm a large investment, the latter jumps on the chance, unaware of the dangerous situation he is about to get into. The narrative jumps back and forth across the pond from the United States to London to Russia and between various characters. While this narrative structure can be dizzying, Marshall’s authority on the subject, skill at weaving multiple storylines together, and knack for exhilarating set-pieces—Crumm’s and Corbin’s individual struggles as they try to sort out the mess, they have left in the wake of their rash decisions, keep the pages flying. Marshall’s characters are authentic and relatable with obvious faults as they saunter around, attend lavish dinners and black-tie soirées, and engage in elaborate financial schemes. Despite all the mumbo-jumbo of financial particulars, the narrative remains swift and the storyline absorbing: the pages practically turn themselves as the multiple storylines come together. Throughout, Marshall weaves in complex themes of family, marriage, relationships, infidelity, trust, betrayal, and integrity. A smart, fast-paced, entertaining financial thriller that keeps readers hooked.

Squeeze Plays

Jeffrey Marshall

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Atmosphere Press

Pub date May 17, 2022

ISBN 978-1639883691

Price $17.00 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle

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