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The Key of Solomon by Howard F. Clarke

Addictive… compulsively readable.

Clarke’s latest novel is an ambitious tale crammed with occultic intrigue and investigative drama. Jack Salter, a facilitator for the NYPD, is sent to New Mexico to bring down Alexander Kale, the CEO of a powerful corporation and the man behind an ancient cult’s rise in the state. As Jack begins to dig deeper into Kale’s activities, he discovers his corporation is just a cover-up, and Kale is, in fact, a dangerous occultist who is seeking to acquire the Key of Solomon to dominate the globe. Clarke builds suspense with a hefty dose of menace, and the storyline is crafted with believable immediacy. Jack is an infectious hero: the steadfast determination with which he confronts his nemesis will have readers cheering for him. Clarke sets an explosive pace as Jack races against time to locate the key and saves the world from impending destruction. Making smooth transitions between a horde of places and points of views, he steers the narrative to an immensely satisfying conclusion. A page-turner that will please both conspiracy buffs and thriller addicts.

The Key of Solomon

A Last Days Novel – Expanded Edition

Howard F. Clarke

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Western Gate Books

Pub date February 10, 2023

ISBN 978-1734774627

Price 10.00 (USD) Paperback

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