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Hidden in the Shadows by A.D. Vancise

Grim, unsettling, and twisty…

After making a shocking discovery in her late grandfather’s belongings, Vancise’s young heroine realizes that the unanswered questions from the past are hard to put to rest. When twenty-three-year-old Evie Day arrives in Woodsville, Arkansas, to attend her grandfather’s funeral, she has no idea her life will never be the same again. After discovering a mysterious woman’s photo in her grandfather’s belongings, Evie becomes curious. She begins to look into the matter, unaware of danger lurking ahead. The story is dark and unsettling, and the central mystery is tightly structured. The suspense rises as the narrative shifts between the present and the past, unraveling a monstrous web of evil. Meanwhile, Ken’s devastating backstory unfolds, heightening the tension. Evie is a relatable, authentic character, and her struggles with her feelings for Lucas are portrayed beautifully. In dredging up the past, she must also confront her troubled relationship with her mother, whose role in the disintegration of her marriage and her husband’s death remained unresolved for years. Lovers of dark crime fiction will be gratified.

Hidden in the Shadows

A.D. Vancise 

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Atmosphere Press

Pub date November 11, 2022

ISBN 978-1639886913

Price $18.99 Paperback, $7,99 Kindle

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