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It’s About Time by Mickey Bridges

An absorbing and candid chronicle of hard-won success…

Making his debut with a sincere, raw memoir, Bridges recounts his rocky journey from life of crime to professional and personal success. Born in a dysfunctional family to a chronically ill mother and an absent father, Bridges, as a young child, was left to his own devices. By the time he was a teenager, he was experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sex. After impregnating his girlfriend, he dropped out of high school only to get involved in a robbery spree and ended up in jail. Prison became a routine, with Bridges becoming a part of dangerous gangs and selling hard drugs. When he was sentenced to five years for selling heroin and landed in the federal penitentiary, his mother passed away. That’s when he knew he had hit rock bottom. Applying for a resident-release program run by the University of California at Santa Barbara proved transformative. At 26, he left the Federal Correctional Institution in Pleasanton, California, for the final time and made a commitment to a crime-free life. Bridges’s writing is unfalteringly candid and sharply descriptive: he is modest while documenting his triumphs and does not shy away from mentioning the destructiveness of his adolescent and young adult years. At times, Bridges’s story can be too crude and unsettling (especially when he recounts his time as a troubled youth). Still, this is an utterly candid, incisive memoir that celebrates the power of gritty resolve, determination, and hard work.

It’s About Time

Mickey Bridges

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Pub date June 29, 2022

ISBN 978-1667837529

Price $14.91 (USD), $8.49 Kindle

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