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Friends of the Library by Susan Cushman

friends of the library
Poignant and impeccably graceful…
In Friends of the Library, Susan Cushman celebrates big lives in small southern towns of Mississippi while emphasizing the many ways libraries affect lives. As readers accompany the protagonist Adele on her book tour of small southern libraries from Eupora to Meridian and explore the cultural history of the State, they realize this is a book about life—from hopes and fears to revival and healing. There are moments both tender and heart-wrenching in characters’ lives, covering complex themes of substance abuse, trauma, sexual and mental abuse, adoption, and abduction among others. Avery’s story fills readers’ hearts with warmth in “Oxford” whereas Crystal of “West Point” stays with readers for long. Written with insight and elegance, the book will delight all fiction aficionados including fans of Christian literature. A trip worth taking with Cushman’s Adele Covington!

Friends of the Library

by Susan Cushman

Koehler Books

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PUB DATE August 30, 2019

ISBN 9781633938953

PRICE $14.95 (USD)


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