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Tales of Urath: Of Dragons and Drakes by Arthur J Dorety III

High action, lots of dragons, and an intriguing storyline… A page-turner.

In a magical world threatened by darkness, a group of characters set out on a quest to restore peace in this introductory installment of Dorety’s upcoming fantasy series. When Ertha and Sirenia, the Elemental Mistresses of the Order of the Balance, recruit Alira and Al Khimia to help them restore balance within the Order, they have no idea the new recruits have their own plans and agendas. With the balance of Urath in jeopardy, Asmodeus is seeping into Urath, threatening to destroy the whole world. The two Elemental Mistresses must find a way to restore the balance or risk losing the world to the Divines. Dorety’s expert blend of hard SF elements, folklore, and fantasy bolsters the particulars of his magical world. The entertaining narrative features wonderful descriptions of characters, places, and events, transporting readers. The vivid character profiles (with plenty of information on various characters and each dragon type), illustrative maps, and snippets of Urath’s history add to the intrigue while providing context. The diversity among Urath’s various inhabitants is foregrounded. The plot teems with characters and interwoven backstories, and the pacing is even. The conclusion ties up many loose threads and is satisfactory, but with plenty of conflicts left to be resolved, the next entry will be eagerly awaited. Overall, the novel has all the elements of a riveting tale: intriguing magic, courageous heroes, intimidating villains, and appealing, well laid-out illustrations helping to flesh out the story’s diversely populated world. The only thing missing is tight editing (which could do wonders for this deeply entertaining tale). Unexpected, winding, and intriguing: fun through and through.

Tales of Urath

Of Dragons and Drakes

Arthur J Dorety III

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Pub date December 2, 2022


Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle

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