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The Typhon Affair: A Mac Sisco Novel by Lou Earle

Tense, smart, fast-moving action thriller….

In Earle’s exhilarating latest installment in A Mac Sisco series, Mac and his team dodge death and bullets in their pursuit of an evil organization determined to conquer the entire world. When NSA Director Admiral James Clausen receives an urgent call in the early morning hours and learns about the possibility of the Typhon cabal being still operational, he knows he doesn’t have the luxury to think and employ a plan in leisure. He immediately assigns Intelligence agent Mac Sisco and Team Apogee to investigate the matter. With a cryptic text from a questionable source as their only lead, Mac and the Apogee set out on the highly dangerous mission to bring down the malicious group intent on destroying the entire planet. Earle’s storytelling is brisk and efficient: he jampacks the gripping narrative with authentic character and vivid plot details. Mac is a razor-sharp, ultra-cool, gritty hero who responds to threats with cool precision. The vast cast, which includes ingenious members of team Apogee and a handful of tenacious bad guys, are all entangled in a dynamic narrative, bouncing around city to city and country to country. The prose is crisp, moving steadily through a well-paced plot, and the premise intriguing. Action scenes come in bursts, and a steady stream of revelations keep the tension high. In addition, Earle effectively evokes the dangerous world of highly secretive military intelligence and high-tech surveillance. Woven skillfully into the twisty plot are questions about courage, ethics, integrity, loyalty, duty, and patriotism, adding relevance and substance to the narrative. A striking, fast-paced tale loaded with interesting characters, crisp dialogue, bullets, and bloodshed.

The Typhon Affair

A Mac Sisco Novel

Lou Earle

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