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Rodasauri the Dinosaur’s Trip to London By Lainey Dee

A charming, Christmas-centric story that is both original and entertaining…

Dee’s delightful tale about a prehistoric creature enjoying a proper London Christmas is as delicious as a candy cane. Rodasauri the Diplodocus is content living in Divouri, a secret dinosaur land, except for a single dream: to experience a proper London Christmas. Determined to realize his dream, Rodasauri decides to ski all the way to London. The generous Father Christmas saves him the long trip, offering to give a ride in his sleigh. But how will humans react when they see a dinosaur in the city? Dee’s smart, rhyming prose moves the story forward briskly while adding a sense of prehistoric intrigue. As a young dinosaur, Rodasauri the Diplodocus is a total scene-stealer, and young readers will find themselves cheering for him throughout his adventure. The vivid illustrations featuring bright, vibrant colors are visually appealing, putting readers in the holiday spirit, and the details depicting the Christmas season in London give youngsters plenty to observe. A delightful book that will be read and reread often.

Rodasauri the Dinosaur’s Trip to London

Lainey Dee

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Rowanvale Books Ltd

Pub date October 23, 2022

ISBN 978-1913662936

Price $7.35 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle

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