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ASSIGNMENT: Earth by Lynne Armstrong-Jones

 A warm, satisfying SF tale that intrigues and charms…

A young man falls in love with an enigmatic stranger in Armstrong-Jones’s latest novel. Trying to get over his recent break-up, Jared Collins is desperate to get a meaningful job and start his career. But each time he applies for a position, he is greeted with rejection. Perka is one of the selected few who are sent to Earth on a secret mission. When her path collides with Jared, she realizes that Jared holds the key to her mission’s success. The novel contains everything that makes the universe of this world appealing, including sympathetic, passionate characters; deadly conflicts, and a warm love story with depth. Jared’s emotional arc is interesting—he wants to succeed in life, both personally and professionally, but the griefs and disappointments of the past are holding him back. His journey to self-discovery and fulfillment is convincingly portrayed. Told in Jared and Perka’s first-person voices, the story is filled with emotions, taking readers along on the pair’s journey while remembering that loving truly sometimes means letting go. A must-read.


Lynne Armstrong-Jones

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