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The Legend of Chris Moose: The Most Beautiful Moose in the World by Allen Northcutt

An upbeat Christmas outing with a touch of kindness and a relatable story…

In this ugly duckling retelling, Northcutt blends lyrical, free-verse text and delightful illustrations to form a fun-filled holiday tale that celebrates diversity, understanding, and acceptance. Ugly, the friendly but tattered moose, is excited to join others on a snowy trip through the woods to Momma and Poppa Bears’ house for a Christmas eve party. But Ugly is too big to get inside the house and be a part of the celebration. When everyone realizes Momma and Poppa Bears forgot to bring a Christmas tree, Ugly offers a brilliant solution, earning himself a new name and the group’s respect. This inspiring Christmas story will speak to those who get excluded from groups solely because of their unflattering physical attributes. Northcutt’s dialogue is age-appropriate, and the short, rhyming prose establishes a cheerful tone, beautifully conveying the holiday spirit. The vibrant colors and expressive animal faces give the illustrations an engaging energy. A sweet, sparkling Christmas story that makes for a valuable addition to the holiday shelf.

The Legend of Chris Moose

The Most Beautiful Moose in the World

Allen Northcutt

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Old Stone Press

ISBN 978-1938462016

Price $5.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $16.16 Hardcover

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