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Northern Escape by Cindy Folk

A harrowing tale of courage, resilience, and freedom…

Folk’s suspenseful psychological thriller is an engrossing, unpredictable tale, taking readers on one woman’s journey to happiness and self-discovery. Trying to hide from her highly controlling and dangerous boyfriend, Grace Rhodes joins an artists’ retreat and escapes to the wilderness of the Canadian Algonquin Provincial Park. Grace’s respite is shattered after she stumbles upon two men searching for a missing friend who has left cryptic messages in geocache boxes. Spun with hidden innuendo, the messages hint at something sinister. Folk has a sure hand in conveying the atmosphere of dread that builds as the group finds cryptic messages in the geocache boxes. The pacing is fast, and the tension stays high with relentless suspense in the back. Throughout, Folk’s shrewd observations about a woman struggling to gather her courage in the face of unexpectedly trying circumstances register beautifully. This action-packed thriller will keep readers turning the pages.

Northern Escape

Cindy Folk

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Pub date June 17, 2021

ISBN 978-1777523107

Price $11.05 (USD) Paperback, $0.99 Kindle edition

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