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Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess by Dan E. Hendrickson

A heart-pounding, thrilling adventure…

Set mainly in the British territories of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, Hendrickson’s latest novel is filled with action, bloodlust, treachery and valor. Born and raised on the pirate ship Red Witch, the lovely Brandy Erasmus lost her parents, the most feared pirate couple of the Caribbean, Eric Erasmus aka The Plague and The Scarlet Mistress, at a young age. She is content running a tavern near the docks in Kingston, Jamaica, with her uncle. When First-Mate of Great Britain’s most beloved sea captain, John Edwards, arrives in Brandy’s tavern, the spark flies immediately. But Brandy soon finds herself confronted with an impossible choice. Hendrickson’s straightforward prose doesn’t dwell much on the details of the Caribbean life but successfully evokes the era nonetheless. The battle scenes are marvellously crafted, and Hendrickson’s descriptions of butchery with the flintlock pistols and rifles are convincing. Meticulous historical facts add to the authenticity. Throw in the larger-than-life heroic characters, a fast-moving, action-packed plot, and plenty of twists and turns, and you have got a winner. 

Brandy, Ballad of a Pirate Princess 

Dan E. Hendrickson

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Pub date Feb. 26 2021

ISBN 978-1734518771

Price $34.95 (USD) Hardcover, $15.95 Paperback, $5.99 Kindle edition

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