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The Strange Brew (The Dora Hermansen Series Book 1) by M. N. Cox

A thoroughly enjoyable paranormal mystery with plenty of twists and turns…

Eudora Hermansen runs a cafe in the quaint Australian town of Deepwell with her husband. Life is ordinary except for the fact that Dora can sense ghosts. But ignoring the dead has always worked for her until an unexpected death upturns her life. Now Dora has no option but to use her uncanny ability and tries to get her life back on track. Cox grounds her story in the atmospheric portrait of a small Australian town buzzing with old-world charm and working-class grit and where everyone knows everything about others. The mystery at the center of the story is intriguing, and the characters are vividly realized and thoroughly relatable. Between Dora’s struggle with her ability of sensing the dead as she tries to come to terms with the trauma of her past, the hidden secrets in Deepwell, and the unexpected death in the town, the pages turn themselves. A gripping, slow-burning paranormal mystery that will keep readers glued to the pages.

The Strange Brew: Sometimes ignoring the dead isn’t enough.

(The Dora Hermansen Series Book 1)

M. N. Cox

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Long Hot Spell

Pub date October 4, 2022

ISBN 978-0645492224

Price $25.99 (USD) Hardcover, $15.99 Paperback

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