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The Inferiority Complex: A Thriller Novel by Ryan Degg

the inferiority complex


A macabre fun ride…

TJ, a socially awkward, highly intelligent psychopath and serial killer, goes on a killing spree for reasons that make sense only to him. With a mole within the Manhattan NYPD department, it is up to Detective First Grade Imogen Carter to apprehend the killer before he brings City of New York to its knees. The story is told through first-person perspective in the form of diary entries and third-person omniscient. The narration is both clever and engrossing. TJ’s victims are mostly derogatory people which keep the reader from having to worry too much about their gruesome killings, but it doesn’t stop readers to see TJ’s sinister inner self. Imogen is a darling, a highly likable character. Degg generates plenty of suspense along the way to the satisfying finale. Wholly engrossing and entertaining!


The Inferiority Complex: A Thriller Novel

by Ryan Degg

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PUB DATE November 27, 2018

ISBN 9781999328900

PRICE $12.99 (USD)



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