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The Afterlife Experience: How Our Association With Nature’s Elements Shapes the Outcome by Bud Megargee

An invigorating perspective on how our association with nature’s elements shape a soul’s afterlife experience…

The former senior healthcare executive and award-winning author Megargee delves into spiritual explanation of how the roles of water, air, fire, and earth affect what rests beyond this life in his latest book. Megargee traveled to the rural, mountainous regions of Pennsylvania to meet with the respected oracle Shirlet Enama in order to secure a sympathetic guardian while he journeyed through the chaotic energies that affect a soul’s afterlife. Written mostly in a dialogue-form, the book explores the influence of nature’s elements in determining our current existence or any expected afterlife path that we travel. Arguing that nothing exists by itself, that everything belongs to everything else, Megargee explains how the elements of nature work in tandem with all other energies. He states that when a soul enters an afterlife process, the first mystery it faces is whether it has a direct association with nature’s four basic elements. Because the elements of nature are embedded within the human experience, the soul’s in-depth association with any element results in it experiencing a heightened burst of energy immediately upon passing, which in turns increases all aspects of a soul incarnation experience as well as the afterlife experience. Similarly, a broken energy formed during life’s chaotic moments also continue in the afterlife. Insisting that all of us have the resources necessary to understand our unsettled, chaotic moments, Megargee calls for us to openly and with fresh awareness review and determine the truth about our current human and spiritual condition, declaring that a unbiased attentiveness to the energies that surround us can attach importance to brilliant human conditions that ease our everyday insecurities. Challenging the fixed-in philosophical understandings and time-honored religious beliefs, Megargee argues that as humans we have control over how we mold our own destiny. The key to achieving that is acknowledgement—a “soul aware” person will acknowledge their sin and missteps constructively, seeing these unfortunate happenings as exclusively their own responsibility and not an action to be forgiven by another. That’s the only way one can remove negative karma and gain meaningful forgiveness. Thus, examining unorthodox ideas freely and without historical convictions can help enrich our exploration of an afterlife experience. Megargee’s writing is clear and free from complicated jargon, and the concepts he studies are fascinating. This brilliant exploration of nature’s influence on a soul’s afterlife experience will leave readers with a new appreciation for how we look at our own journey through the process.

The Afterlife Experience

How Our Association With Nature’s Elements Shapes the Outcome

Bud Megargee

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Pub date September 8, 2022

ISBN 979-8351596860

Price $21.95 (USD) Hardcover, $14.95 Paperback, $7.27 Kindle edition

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