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Good Night My Blessing by Glo Rose

A simple rhyming picture book that’s all things love and heart…

Rose offers a bedtime story in her latest book, resourcefully delving into mother-child connection. The book starts with the mother’s gentle words: “As I tuck you into night,/ This love letter I write.” On the next spread, the young child is seen sleeping peacefully on the bed. The mother in this story makes her appearance only after a few pages, getting her little one ready for the bed. On other pages, readers see the mother cuddling, playing or eating with the young child. The first-person narration in the mother’s voice is sweet and poignant, imparting a dreamy quality to the story. The accompanying illustrations are subtle, with a single color, solid backgrounds, letting the young readers focus on the sweet rhyming text. Both mother and child have tightly curled hair and medium to dark skin tone. A sweet bedtime book to assure your little ones that they are more than loved.

Good Night My Blessing

A Mom’s Love Letter 

Glo Rose


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ISBN 978-1663219800

Pub date April 11, 2021

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $6.96 Kindle edition

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