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The Madigan Chronicles Books #1-4 by Marieke Lexmond

A tantalizingly absorbing series that will leave readers yearning for more…

Lexmond’s series kicker in The Madigan Chronicles serves up fiery protagonists, mystical world-building, and plenty of surprising twists. The Madigan family, a long-line of powerful witches, is the keeper of a magical wand, one of the four artifacts imbued with the power of the elements. It’s been years since Bridget Madigan, a young detective working in Boston and granddaughter of the Madigans, has a fallout with her mother. But when a brutal murder points toward her own kin’s involvement and a magical Dagger goes missing, Bridget must return home and get justice for the victim. The pace and plot begin at a quick note, and Lexmond keeps the surprises coming without losing the momentum. The estranged family dynamics, clash of strong personalities, and countless twists fuel the narrative. Headstrong female characters and a tangled mystery make this a lively, deeply engrossing urban fantasy. The gripping second installment beautifully enlarges the world of the first volume. The Madigans barely have time to relax after retrieving the precious Dagger of Consciousness, when they learn that the family’s Magical Tarot Deck is in Lucy’s possession. With danger of the whole family getting ripped from their current life if a particular card comes to life and the question goes unanswered, the Madigans know they must act fast. Lexmond deftly weaves myth and magic into a rich tapestry featuring a score of authentic, relatable characters and a fast-moving plot. She has a special talent when it comes to creating thrilling stories in vividly rendered fantasy worlds: with undertones of witches, fairies, dark magic, conspiracies, and suspense, the Madigans’ story turns out to be an exciting tale of integrity, duty, responsibility, friendship, and familial ties. Readers won’t be able to put this one down. The third installment in the series makes for a spectacular supernatural fantasy that’s hard to put down. Trying to find a balance between the Keeper of the Land in Fairy and being human, Ceri is almost at her wits end: Bert is finding it hard to put his trust back in her, and Emily is getting entangled in Mab’s web. Meanwhile, Maeve is still struggling to come to terms with her true self. While Bridget is right on the path to mend her broken relationship with Maeve and Luna, she’s unsure of accepting responsibility from Tara. But with the original dagger in the family’s possession, Bridget knows she must rethink her decision. Lexmond’s storytelling is deeply entertaining, and the pace remains fast. She sketches her well-developed supernatural world with verve and intelligence, while placing her likable characters within a complex and fascinating world in which magic and mayhem merge with individual struggles and family drama to form a spectacular tale of supernatural intrigue. The fourth volume takes readers on an exhilarating journey as the race for the Cup of Plenty ensues. The Cup is hidden in one of the remotest places in the world: northern Greenland. But with malevolent Lucy and the evil Queen of Fairy trying to get their hands on the Cup, the Madigans know they must warn Snowflake of approaching danger. But no one is aware what awaits them in the future. In this fourth installment, Lexmond expertly weaves together several story lines, informing readers (new to the series) of crucial plot points from the previous three volumes. The magical elements of the story are seamlessly woven into the affecting narrative. Family ties and responsibility is the grounding theme that unites Luna and Freya in their courageous strivings. Poignant, immersive, and passionate; above all, deliciously readable.

The Madigan Chronicles Books #1-4

Marieke Lexmond

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The Dagger (The Madigan Chronicles Book 1)

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The Magical Tarot Deck (The Madigan Chronicles Book 2)

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The Wand (The Madigan Chronicles Book 3)

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The Cup (The Madigan Chronicles Book 4)

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