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The Girl Who Wore A Hockey Helmet: A Star Gwiazda Public Defender legal thriller by Alex Charns

Smart, exciting… Ripe for web adaptation.

Murder of a bigoted trial judge in a car explosion provokes a conspiracy and Assistant Public Defender Star Gwiazda charged with first-degree murder in Charns’ exhilarating latest instalment in A Star Gwiazda Public Defender legal thriller series. When news of the honorable Owen Otis O’Brian, Chief Superior Court Judge of Randleman County, getting blown to pieces in a car explosion is announced, Star and her Lumbee Indian client, Jimmy Ray Oxendine, had a bit of laugh in front of a courtroom full of people. Soon, Star is charged with first-degree murder. With Oxendine turning informant and accusing Star of planning the bombing, freedom seems like a distant possibility. Charms’s keen understanding of psychological mayhem, puts readers right into the characters’ minds, making their passions and contradictions accessible and understandable. The colorful cast of characters is thoroughly authentic, particularly Star, who, with all her struggles is as endearing as ever. The tight plotting and excruciatingly precise legal process make for a remarkable, entertaining read.  Fans of finely crafted legal thrillers will love the endlessly knotty complications.

The Girl Who Wore A Hockey Helmet

A Star Gwiazda Public Defender legal thriller

Alex Charns

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Pub date October 14, 2022

ISBN 979-8357784193

Price $13.64 (USD) Paperback, $20.46 Hardcover, $0.00 Kindle edition

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