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SPVCE by a. w. karen

A solid, authentic SF tale with plenty of food for thought…

Set in a distant future, karen’s poignant latest novel, with its elements of sci-fi and individual consciousness, highlights tensions between personal desire and others’ expectations. From a young age, Maci Layton has known nothing but to become a space cadet. When she joins the Academy, the real struggle begins: other students are from the Academy, and Maci’s acute anxiety gets in her way of getting things done. Through Maci’s emotional story, karen beautifully captures dreams, hopes, desire, heartache, the virtues of inner strength, and the power of friendship. The novel is unusual in structure and plot: readers experience varying incidents portrayed through the main protagonist’s stream of consciousness voice with a lot of fragmented sentences. In the hands of a lesser author, such a story would risk becoming incoherent, but karen beautifully integrates Maci’s anxiety issues into the plot, making her meaning thoroughly clear. Maci’s struggle, her brokenness, her pain is depicted with heart and soul. A beautiful combination of SF action and individual angst.


a. w. karen (Author), Maggie Gonzalez (Illustrator)

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Pub date December 1, 2022


Price $9.92 Kindle edition

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