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Leather & Lace: The Fool’s Adventure #2 by Lauren Sevier, Abbie Lynn Smith

Thrilling, edgy, and thoroughly addictive…Perfect for devouring in a single sitting.

Sevier and Smith’s second installment in The Fool’s Adventure series is a thrilling mix of high action and poignant romance. It’s been three years since Bonnie disappeared from Jesse’s life. When he finds her again in New Orleans high society, Jesse knows he must do everything in his power to get the love of his life back. But the daring outlaw he fell in love with is nowhere to be found. The authors have mixed two unlikely genres together here: the Western and the dystopian, while adding strong elements of humanity, remorse, enduring love, friendship, and family. The bond between Jesse, Bonnie, and Will is endearing, and the authors guide the three of them through compelling arcs as the latter try to make sense of their upside-down worlds. Adventure is aplenty, and there’s no lack of thrilling action. Tight plotting and the character-based story hefty on emotion add to the substance, making it a thoroughly engrossing yarn. A genre-bending take on the classic Western, this wonderfully satisfying, superbly crafted tale is hard to beat.

Leather & Lace

The Fool’s Adventure #2 

Lauren Sevier, Abbie Lynn Smith

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Pub date December 1, 2022


Price $5.92 (USD) Kindle edition

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