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Deep As The Sea (A Pendale Tale Book 3) by Jorma Kansanen

Exhilarating, action-packed, and thoroughly compelling.

Well realized characters, a complex plot, intricate storyline, and an authentic setting mark Kansanen’s third installment in A Pendale Tale series. Thirteen-year-old Sebastian Ferriman has joined the top private school in the country but adjusting to his new life is taking a toll on his psyche: relentless bullying is making his life difficult in the school, and the mysterious nightmares plague him at night. During a school trip to Japan, unexpected circumstances throw him into another dimension, and all his nightmares come true. He must find the power within to face the darkness. Kansanen’s protagonists are depicted skillfully, with relatable personalities, and the challenges they face are daunting, nicely sustaining the suspense. Sebastian’s inner conflict as he yearns to get out of Viola’s shadow drives the plot. Twists and turns are in plenty, and relevant themes of bullying, adolescent angst, friendship, family, understanding, acceptance, courage, and individuals finding their niches are woven nicely into the narrative. Fans of teen & young adult time-travel fantasy will thrill at the opportunity to travel across various dimensions.

Deep As The Sea 

(A Pendale Tale Book 3) 

Jorma Kansanen

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Pub date October 26, 2022


Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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