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Watcher in the Woods by Kelley Armstrong


A lost cause…

Rockton is a secret town in the harsh wilderness of Yukon in Northern Canada for people who have reasons to leave their past behind and start anew. Homicide detective Casey Duncan who is in town for a short span only, has already dealt with an array of ugly crimes. Despite the town’s secret location, a US Marshal arrives one day looking for a fugitive hiding in Rockton. He is met with resistance. Before he can arrest or reveal the identity of the suspect, he’s shot and killed. In a town, where the residents are either ex-cons or violent offenders, it is up to Casey now to find the killer. After an intriguing start, the story starts to drag and becomes a complete soggy saga with too many characters without too little background. Many (perhaps too many and too tedious) twists and turns later, the killer is revealed, but not before most of the characters in the jumbled story have gone through their own private hells. Despite an intriguing premise and an exotic location, Armstrong fails to deliver.


Watcher in the Woods

by Kelley Armstrong

St. Martin’s Press

Minotaur Books

Pub Date 05 Feb 2019

ISBN      9781250159915

PRICE    $26.99 (USD)

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