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The Great Big Slap: Slapping is Unacceptable by Patrice M Foster  (Author), Steven Brahma (Illustrator)

A seemingly simple tale that packs a satisfying emotional punch… 

Foster’s skillfully crafted children’s picture book is a beautifully told story that gently encourages empathy, compassion, and consideration. Christopher’s mom doesn’t make much money, but William belongs to a wealthy family. Being poor weighs heavy on Christopher’s mind who takes it on Sarah, William’s younger sister, by being super mean to her. When William hits Christopher to avenge her sister’s insult, he soon realizes he is wrong. But will Christopher also realize his mistake? Christopher and William’s story puts a hearty emphasis on the fact that violence is unacceptable and being mean doesn’t solve any problem. The book is intended to teach youngsters positive values and behavior, and it delivers the message without being preachy. The story is simple and told in a straightforward manner. Steven Brahma’s vibrant illustrations are smartly composed, beautifully complementing the accompanying text.  The book makes for a solid choice both as an entertaining story and an introduction to teaching youngsters good behavior. Highly recommended.

The Great Big Slap: Slapping is Unacceptable 

Patrice M Foster  (Author), Steven Brahma (Illustrator)

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Pub date July 9, 2022

ISBN 979-8986572819

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $7.19 Kindle edition

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