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Sky Foil by Gerry Burke

An enjoyable, twisty thriller riddled with murder and espionage…

Burke’s latest novel is a tautly paced, witty thriller about murder, espionage, and perfidious political power-plays. When the body of a Heathrow employee falls from the sky, all hell breaks loose. The incident is followed by a plane wreck into the Atlantic Ocean. Agent David Mackrell from M15 along with his team joins hands with Steve Small of M16 and the team to form a special force unit to look into the case. But the conspirators have just begun their deadly game. Burke’s biggest strength is his characterization: from chapter to chapter, he breathlessly shuffles between various characters, painting each one of them with convincing brushstrokes. There is a slow buildup to a fast-paced mystery in which each new piece of information casts fresh light on the ongoing case. Crafty plot coupled with bouncy, witty dialogue makes for smoothly paced, entertaining reading. Readers fond of high-quality, nuanced mystery fiction will want to see a lot more of Burke.

Sky Foil

An International Conspiracy

Gerry Burke

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Pub date September 14, 2022

ISBN ‎ 978-1663244802

Price $26.99 (USD) Hardcover, $13.99 Paperback, $4.40 Kindle edition

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