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The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs by Mike Nemeth

A compelling and absorbing page-turner…

The retired detective Karl Novak takes on a case marked by danger and intrigue in Nemeth’s entertaining mystery. Recently widowed, Karl is still struggling to come to terms with the tragic death of his beloved wife Samantha. When the sheriff at Chatham County, son of one of his old friends, approaches him to undertake a detective job involving overdosed deaths at a luxury condo community on Tybee Island, Karl reluctantly accepts the case. After reverting to his birth identity of Eddie Kovacs, he joins the community as a resident. But that’s just the beginning of a dangerous cat-and-mouse game. With his past returning to haunt him again, Karl must find a way to get out of the situation. Nemeth skillfully deploys a clever, conversational prose to offer a delicious, well-crafted mystery. Watching the detective trying to cope with his personal loss while investigating the opioid case is thoroughly satisfying. Readers will root for Karl as he sleuths his way through the deep web of mystery and intrigue. There are plenty of red herrings and shocking revelations, and the secondary cast, especially Madeleine, is skillfully portrayed. The narrative gets a bit bumpy in the middle, particularly with multiple subplots threatening to derail the main storyline, but Nemeth skillfully handles all the mini storylines and successfully resolves various threads to turn it into a satisfying whole. This is an engrossing cozy filled with mystery, tension, and endearing characters who draw you in and leave you wanting more. Readers will look forward to Nemeth’s next one.

The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs 

Mike Nemeth

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