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Clifford’s War: The Bluegrass Battleground by J Denison Reed

Well plotted, engaging, and full of surprises… A page-turner.

The likable, endearing hero fights to get out of the clutches of the mafia in Reed’s sharp, relentlessly edgy tale. Afghanistan War veteran Clifford Dee is content working as a private investigator. When the intimidating mafia boss Eustachio Bandoni hires him for a job, Clifford has no option but to say yes. But the PI’s investigation reveals unexpected truths, making him a target of the mob. Clifford must find a way to get out of the situation or risk losing his life. Relentless Clifford is a fine hero, and the realistically rendered, relatable secondary cast is authentic and full of intrigue. Reed continually ratchets up the tension. The third-person omniscient narrative loses momentum at times, but the brilliantly conceived and executed plotting builds and maintains tension. All the while, Eustachio’s obsessive pursuit plays its part in this fast-paced thrilling drama marked by crisp prose, credible characters, and assured pacing. A must-read.

Clifford’s War: The Bluegrass Battleground

J Denison Reed

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Palmetto Publishing

Pub date May 27, 2021

ISBN 978-1737164029

Price $19.99 Hardcover, $15.70 Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

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