Uncaged: Trauma Recovery Using Facet Integration Technique by Sparrow Spaulding

A treasure trove of practical and powerful suggestions for achieving self-change and moving forward in life…

In this powerful guidebook, Spaulding presents a horde of hands-on, effective techniques for processing unresolved memories of the past and overcoming the anxieties that hold a person back. Using her experience of many years observing, contemplating, and experimentation, Spaulding introduces Facet Integration Technique to overpowering trauma and negative past experience. She explains how our psyche splinters off and creates “facets” throughout key developmental stages in childhood, leading to acute trauma. Discovering those facets and nurturing them is the key to self-change and self-care. The book delves into different types of traumas, its mental, emotional, and physical effects, trauma and children, the art of convalescence, and integration of trauma. This is a valuable companion for anyone who seeks an understanding of how trauma leaves a long-lasting effect on a person’s psyche, influencing how they perceive the world, as well as offering practical strategies for growth. Helpful exercises at the end of each chapter provide clarity. Thoroughly engrossing and eminently readable, the book makes for a wonderful resource for those who have been stuck in past events from which they have been unable to free themselves.  


Trauma Recovery Using Facet Integration Technique 

Sparrow Spaulding

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Cage Free Press

Pub date September 9, 2022

ISBN 978-1732451230

Price $12.99 (USD) Paperback, $7.41 Kindle edition

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