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Taming Fear in the Age of Covid by Winfried Sedhoff

Beautifully, compellingly written and Comprehensive in scope… A valuable work.

After experiencing his own personal crisis that forced him to face his worst fears, mental health professional Dr. Winfried Sedhoff undertook extensive research into the science of fear and discovered that the power to resolve our fears and choose our future lies within us. But achieving that state of mind is not an easy task—Sedhoff begins with the workings of the human brain, delving into how our brain creates and uses memories. Because fear and memories are interlinked, unraveling one will automatically result in demystification of the other. Drawing on his own experience of decades working with patients and powerful true stories, Sedhoff offers readers a walk-through memory basics, techniques to reduce burden, various mind-chill skills, coping mechanisms, how to shift from busy to happy, manageable, and chill, methods to create structure and routine, techniques to reduce the fear burden of news and media, how to use nature as a balm for anxiety among others. He also takes a hard look at the surge in COVID-19 pandemic related fear and onset of general anxiety in today’s world, simultaneously offering a plethora of highly specific suggestions for eradicating the fear-producing mind-set and exploring how we can master our anxiety and take back control of our life. Sedhoff’s prose is crisp and narrative smooth. A large number of interesting personal anecdotes combined with the exceptionally honest and intimate approach keeps the reader invested. Thoroughly engrossing and insightful, the book offers a breakthrough understanding of fear while charting a path to wellness and wholeness on every level. A stunner.

Taming Fear in the Age of Covid

Winfried Sedhoff

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Senraan Publishing

Pub date September 12, 2022

ISBN 978-0994609144

Price $12.98 (USD) Paperback, $2.25 Kindle edition

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