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West bEgg: The World’s New Power Elite by Mari Reiza



Tinged with wry humor, highly engrossing…

Through the lives of four protagonists, West bEgg offers a lurid, hilarious look at corporate culture and its miseries. Luca, Anna, La Revolucao, and Carolina joined the corporate world to realize their dreams but had no idea what kind of miseries awaited them there. Reiza has an excellent eye for detail when it comes to spinning nitty-gritty of corporate world into humorous tales. The hilarious interplay between corporate bosses and the four protagonists keeps readers in stitches. Reiza gets in plenty of funny jabs at corporate culture as she goes through everyday lives of her protagonists and humiliations and indignities they suffer at the hands of their self-serving bosses. The narrative is tinged with wry humor and the prose is pitch-perfect with clear details. The reader will devour the book in no time.


West bEgg: The World’s New Power Elite

by Mari Reiza

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PUB DATE January 10, 2017

ISBN 9780995631755

PRICE $7.99 (USD)



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