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ANOINTED by Wes Snowden

Fast-moving, credible, and intelligently told… A complete crime package.

Snowden’s second installment in the Maxwell Muggs series is a fast-paced tale of suspense and drama whose exploration of exploitation and people’s dogged faith makes it much more. Maxwell Muggs is still trying to come to terms with his new life as the owner of a vast estate in England. When Annabelle Muffet, an American investigative journalist, contacts Muggs about the death of four children linked to a religious cult run by self-appointed bishop of the local church, Morton Wellcome, he knows he has to leave for Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and looks into the matter. But the investigation soon turns deadly. Told in a fast-paced third-person omniscient voice, the story becomes multilayered while the tension builds. Snowden never loses control of momentum or pacing and displays an exquisite touch both with characterization and plotting. It’s a pleasure watching Muggs stride into danger and triumph over the malevolent villains. His rapport with the endearing Jackson and the smart and fiercely determined Annabelle, is heartening. Snowden elegantly balances Muggs’s emotional turmoil and dogged determination with a blackmailing plot. Loads of exciting action, balanced with dramatic personal revelations and some fine investigative journalism work, keep the pages turning. The basic premise is a mix of action, suspense, and non-stop twists. At the same time, Snowden delves into emotional and moral dilemmas, innocent lives shattered by ignorance and greed, corruption, the clever exploitation of the masses in the name of religion, and questions of love, trust, regret, and redemption. Intelligently plotted and expertly told, this fast-paced tale of death, deceit, and blackmail will keep the readers glued to their seats until the end.


Wes Snowden

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Pub date September 3, 2022

ISBN 979-8848704105

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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