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Caro M, by Mari Reiza



Seductively readable, deliciously engrossing…

Set in Italy and France, Caro M, explores the hurricane-like-devastation love is capable of bringing in one’s life. A simple act of falling in love deeply affects the lives of three women, compelling them to explore their choices and the devastating impact of those choices on their lives. With masterly skills, Reiza provides distinctive voices to her credibly flawed but appealing protagonists. Elena’s portrayal of a woman—delusional and sick-in-love—is as compelling as Isa’s depiction of a restless, lost soul for whom there is always something out of reach on the farther end is effective. Reiza’s writing is confident, and the story moves forward with a high tension as the reader tries to understand what binds the lives of three women. The satisfying, shocking denouement gives readers a chance to consider the endless possibilities of each moment in the lives of the protagonists.

Caro M,

by Mari Reiza

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PUB DATE September 21, 2017

ISBN 9780995631793

PRICE $8.99 (USD)



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